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BrandMaster announces rebranding

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BrandMaster announced a major rebrand to reflect the company’s evolution into a truly global company with Scandinavian heritage. BrandMaster has unveiled a new logo and a new visual identity as part of an extensive rebranding initiative.

This rebrand represents a significant step in the company’s evolution. We are redefining who we are, driving change and shaping the future of brand management” said Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO of BrandMaster.

“BrandMaster has been experiencing growth during the last years. As such, the complexity of the company is changing, and we need to reflect that in our brand. As the Martech space has evolved so have we, acquiring the competence and skills necessary to continuously fulfil the needs of any brand.” Lund continues.

Fuelled by a leading trend where companies are investing more in MarTech solutions that can help execute marketing strategies across multiple channels and locations, BrandMaster’s vision has been to methodically shape the company into a leading provider within the MarTech space to address this need in one place. A rich platform has been developed to manage the complexity of brand management at both a global and local scale, and with the launch of the new identity, BrandMaster is unifying this vision behind a clear, revitalized brand.

Building on the company’s Scandinavian heritage has been a key aspect in the rebranding. The rebrand includes a redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communication, and correspondence. BrandMaster’s new brand include a clean and minimal logo of Nordic design, along with a new website and other visuals that utilize 3D objects and graphical patterns to convey complex brand management in a clear and concise way.

About BrandMaster

When we set up our company in Oslo back in 1998, we did so with a clear focus: to help marketing teams manage their workflows and build strong, sustainable brands. Our team of digital designers, marketers, developers and brand consultants created a system which would redefine how things are done and give clients the tools and know-how to up their game. They were quick to recognise the operational and commercial benefits this would bring and our vision soon became a viable business. That was then and we’ve never looked back. Today, BrandMaster has evolved to become a market-leading, modular management platform, trusted by global enterprises, successful brands and ambitious start-ups. As for us, we still work from our HQ in Oslo and you’ll also find us across Europe and the US.